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Employer Glossary


Reports that provide insight into business and recruitment trends. This type of data is used to develop, analyze and refine corporate strategies.


An acronym for an application programming interface. It describes a series of subroutines, protocols and tools that power software applications, including job boards and application portals. APIs let companies simultaneously post job listings to multiple websites.

Bi-directional API

A syncing system that facilitates omnidirectional communication between multiple APIs that speak different languages. Translated protocols continuously update data across multiple platforms.


Alternative film footage that’s edited into the original video. Today, this includes graphics, animations and photographs that engage the viewer and tell a richer story.

Candidate Expectation Video

A short-format film that explains the hiring process in detail and prevents applicant frustration.

Career Planning Video

A brief film presentation that provides job candidates with an accurate view of the company’s promotion strategy, whether there’s room for advancement and how employees learn new skills that propel their careers.


An acronym for a content delivery network. It is a global and regional system of servers that route information based on the viewer’s geographic location. This localized routing method greatly reduces load times for videos and data-rich websites.


A content management system is a simple visual interface that allows users to easily add, modify or delete website content without advanced technical training or knowledge of programming languages.

CSV File

An acronym for files featuring comma separated values. This versatile format is used in spreadsheets and databases where alphanumeric entries are stored in tables. Such files are used in nearly all business departments from accounting to HR.

Cultural Insight Video

A short multimedia presentation that gives job applicants an accurate picture of the company that they’re joining, who their co-workers are and whether they’re a good fit.


A digital filing system for organizing corporate records, such as job applications and employee contact information.

Digital Technology

A binary computing system that allows large quantities of data to be stored very quickly in a tiny amount of space.


A cloud-based file storage and exchange system that continuously updates shared documents.


The process of integrating multimedia content, videos or visual information into a static web page.


A dynamic, automatically updated list that includes new information from multiple sources.

File Download

The transfer of digital data, documents, videos or audio files between locations, such as a computer hard drive and cloud-based storage system.


The process of putting a new software system or business strategy into action. Consultants provide ongoing assessments before, during and after the changeover.


The process of educating new hires to increase their on-the-job performance and expand their knowledge of the company’s mission and core products or services. Integration also describes the process of combining software subsystems.

Job Requisition

The process of submitting an internal hiring request for a new or existing position. After managerial approval, HR professionals begin recruiting candidates or accepting applications.

Job Template

A partially populated form that displays the job title, location, responsibilities, candidate requirements and an overview of the company. It may include on-page submission features that allow candidates to save the listing or submit a resume.


Multimedia presentations that showcase job responsibilities, the working environment, the company culture and employee testimonials. They are ideal for filling high-demand or high-turnover positions.


Statistics that measure past and current trends, such as counting the number of job applications, rating an applicant’s skills or setting targets for attracting and retaining qualified professionals.


A space-saving, tightly compressed audio file that’s easy to store, download or send. It’s an acronym for MPEG Audio Layer III.


A communication system that combines several mediums, such as animation, audio, video and text, to create an interactive presentation.

Onboarding Video

A film shown during the integration process that familiarizes new hires with the organization as well as its products, services, policies and procedures.


The process of planning, capturing and editing video and audio footage that’s ready for distribution and viewing.


An acronym for search engine optimization, a concept that encompasses on- and off-page strategies for increasing visibility in search results for specific keywords.


A proactive recruitment niche that’s dedicated to identifying talent with specific skills and qualifications. Talent scouts in this field collect names, contact information and current job titles for further recruitment activities.

Still Images

Any type of non-animated image that provides visual information, including illustrations, photographs, charts and infographics.

Stock Footage

Generic or pre-existing film clips that are used repeatedly by different production companies or are licensed for exclusive use.


A small-scale copy of a photograph or video frame that accurately captures the contents. In search results, this image is designed to attract clicks and views.

Training Video

A multimedia presentation that provides important information to new and existing employees. Programs may cover company policies, safety standards and best practices.

Video Job Ad

A promotional film that engages job seekers and helps companies attract qualified candidates. The ad captures the essence of the company while highlighting the working environment, benefits and advancement opportunities.

Candidate Glossary


Individuals who respond to job listings posted by employers or staffing agencies. Applicants become candidates if they possess all of the qualifications.


An applicant tracking system or candidate tracking system (CTS) helps recruiters track candidates as they move through the hiring process.

Back Office

Departments that keep the company running but usually don’t interact with clients. These include accounting, legal, HR and IT.


Employee incentive programs that increase morale and worker retention, such as health insurance, retirement plans, on-site daycare and paid vacation.

Boolean Search

A logic-based computing system named after British mathematician George Boole. It allows users to add the variables and/or/not to increase the accuracy of search results. For example, hiring managers can add locations and other phrases to identify qualified candidates.

Company Culture

The essence of the company’s mission, founding principles, ethics, office environment, managerial style and day-to-day routine.

Direct Hire

An employee who’s hired and paid by a company rather than a staffing agency.

Human Resources

A department of in-house professionals that staff the company and handle administrative tasks related to human capital, such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training.

Job Analysis

The process of defining and describing job responsibilities and applicant qualifications.

Job Boards

Specialized websites that feature job postings from multiple companies. They may include a portal where applicants can submit a resume.

Recruitment Marketing

A promotional strategy that uses advertising techniques to attract and engage potential job candidates.

Recruitment Software

Computer programs that help HR professionals identify candidates that meet the needs of corporate clients.

Recruitment Timeline

A published schedule that shows every step of the application and hiring process as well as a timeframe for each item.

Skills Matrix

A chart or software application that measures each applicant’s qualifications against job-specific criteria.

Social Recruiting

A strategy for identifying and approaching job candidates through social media platforms.

Staffing Manager

An in-house HR or recruitment professional who oversees the requisition and hiring process.

Strategic Staffing

A detailed hiring plan that accommodates the company’s workforce needs. It may include a combination of full- and part-time staff, contractors and temporary labor.

Talent Acquisition

The process of finding and hiring job candidates with skills that are needed for a particular role or project.

Talent Pool

A database of applicants that’s used to find qualified candidates for new job openings.

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