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It is a competitive, candidate driven market and attracting top talent is no easy task in insurance recruitment. The traditional methods in recruiting have become stale and outdated with the quickly changing climate of digital technology. People are social and mobile, so it only stands to reason that your recruitment efforts and your strategy, today, leverages social media networks and mobile devices. Further, you want your job openings to appear on the top of search results. Did you know that 80% of job seekers begin a job search by typing keywords on Google?

How can you achieve this and attract better quality candidates, thus reducing time spent screening? You can find your insurance recruitment solution through a short, compelling digital recruitment video that shows candidates that your company is where they belong. You can capture someone’s attention in a way that text only cannot, at a viral speed, through your social networks and by boosting your job openings’ SEO with digital recruitment videos. Contact us for your insurance recruitment needs to learn more about how we can help you.



Lights, Camera, Action! Set our team in motion with your HR recruiting needs. Focused and powerful videos have been proven as a top notch recruiting tool. Leverage the Digi-Me video production process to align the right video message to your target audience, building a meaningful relationship between prospective employees and your brand messaging from the first interaction. The Digi-Me video player offers insightful analytics to help optimize campaigns and gain attribution from the beginning of the recruiting process to end. By pushing precious ad dollars into the right channels, the overall project is more likely to align with targeted budgets. Speak with a Digi-Me sales rep to learn how our process, company and product suite can impact your recruiting needs today.

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